Terms & Privacy Policy


Before purchasing Social Regulator services, read this agreement carefully.

Social Regulator may change its Terms and conditions any time as it has whole right. The terms and condition given below:

  • Website Use: Social Regulator possess full intellectual property right to all contents, logos, icons, images, visual elements on the website. Without authorized by Social Regulator this information may not be copied, distributed, transmitted or altered. 

  • Copyright: U.S. and the foreign copyright laws protect the content and website. Social Regulator use the information that authorized by copyright owner.

  • Disclaimer: Social Regulator will not be responsible for any kind of damages of you or your business. The company makes any kind of warranty outside of limitations for the service that we provides to you. Since we deliver our work through internet, it may be late for technical problems.

  • Limitations: Social Regulator reserves client’s all of the data. If accidentally client’s data can remove, this company will not liable for it. It has to bear entirely of client’s own responsibilities. 

  • Refund policy: We refund money to our customers in the case of failing to provide service. But if you change your username or profile URLs and your likes or followers are gone automatically (what you had before buying from us), we will not replace it. We will also not replace service that you have purchased service from other suppliers. We do not also receive any claims for losing service such as likes or followers by other suppliers too. Please, do not open any disputes without our permission as your bank is always in our favor. If we find disputes or chargeback against us, we will close your account and ban your computer IP address as well as your page/profile will be reported to the social media site. If you face any kind of problem, then contact us immediately.

  • Delivery Policy: Every service which is given in our price table, it indicates you how much time it will take delivery. When you give us order, it will be pending. After that, we will accept your order and progress it within 1-6 hours. If we find any problem with your order, we will hold order. And then we will send email to you for solving the problem. After solving the problem, you have to confirm us. Then we start your order. When we complete your order, we give you a mail that your order is completed. 

  • Replacement warranty: Our followers, likes, shares, views, retweets, repins, ratings and reposts are not dropping. But if you lose any number of likes/followers or other services. Please notify us in 30 days from the order completed date. 

  • Social Media Accounts: Though your account or video do not ban by our service if it happens we are not reliable for it. However, we never get any claims from any customer’s yet. 

  • Correction of error: Social Regulator totally reserves legal right to correct or update any of its content. We can also to correct or update the content without giving prior notice.

  • Termination of service: The terms and condition will start from the time you give us order and it will terminate when you order is completed.
    These terms and conditions have last updated on October, 2020

Privacy Policy

Privacy policy is very important to you. By using the website you consent to the following conditions strictly.

  • Collecting Information: It is necessary to collect your information for us when we work with you. We collect your information for the interest of work, it will be totally secure by us.
  •  Keeping information: We must keep your information in the following needs:
    1.  We record your visit in our website such as pages, views and resources.
    2.  We keep your personal identity, your computer and form of payment by you.
    3.  We also keep other information are given by you. 
  • Putting information in your computer: We may retain cookies or similar code on your computer. We keep cookie for providing you easier and faster access to website feature such as logins and repeat visit. If you wish you can clean your cookies. 
  • What we do with your information: To send you information about our products and services, we keep your information. Then you are able to know about our products and services.
  • Links to other website: Our website may remain links by third party. When you leave from our website to other site, you have to agree theirs terms policy. But our terms and policy are not applicable for other site. 
  • Changing your information: If any reason your information changes or no longer have you wished to stay your information, you change your information. But after deletion of your information, your services no longer are available to you.